To achieve the aforementioned foundational aims, the Foundation may carry out, among others and either directly or indirectly, the following activities:

Support for children with disabilities of employees of group companies

The purpose of this aid plan is to grant special aid from the Foundation to employees of Grupo STE companies who have a child with a disability who requires specialized attention for their treatment, rehabilitation, special education, transportation or care in general.

Health and pharmaceutical research

Promoting, developing and subsidising research lines and projects in any of the health and pharmaceutical fields related to the Foundation’s aims.

Professional development of health workers

Promoting various forms of R&D&I projects and activities aimed at continuing medical education and the ongoing professional development of healthcare personnel, intended to provide them with the highest levels of competence and updated scientific and technical knowledge.

Pharmaceutical scientific research

Promoting scientific research related to pharmaceutical care.

Collaborating in and promoting activities

Collaborating in and promoting activities with persons, entities, institutions and public administrations, research personnel, hospitals and universities, whether public or private, in all areas related to the Foundation’s aims.

Conserving and using assets

Conserving and using, where appropriate, movable and immovable property of cultural interest or of singular architectural, artistic, historical or heritage value. By decision of the Board of Trustees, creating and/or managing a museum to publicly exhibit these assets.

Defending and enriching cultural heritage

Cooperating with all public or private entities to defend and enrich cultural heritage.

Promotion and training in related subjects

Organising courses, conferences, congresses, discussion forums, study and research sessions and other similar events on subjects related to the Foundation’s aims.

Technical and general publications

Publishing, periodically or occasionally, either via self-publishing or through publishing companies, articles, books, manuals, magazines and brochures related to the Foundation’s aims, whether they are addressed to beneficiaries, patients and their families or to the general public.

Donations, gifts and contributions

Giving donations, gifts and contributions to other non-profit entities, and/or awarding research grants or scholarships to individuals or legal entities, under the terms provided for in our statutes, for carrying out activities related to the foundational aims.

Fundraising, sponsorship and patronage

Organising events, publicity campaigns, agreements with public and private entities, fundraising programmes, sponsorships and patronage for the Foundation’s groups and programmes.